Rapid ordering of your custom PCB designs with InstantDFM™

With our online Design for Manufacturability tool, InstantDFM™, we give you the power to quickly price and order quick-turn printed circuit boards & PCB fabrication services via an easy to use, workflow-style e-commerce experience.

InstantDFM™ has the power to verify process-critical parameters, to make sure your PCB designs are ready for assembly and that you receive an accurate quote. It can also provide intelligent online PCB design feedback.

Many prominent companies from diverse industries use InstantDFM™ in various industries around the world. See below how easy it is to use InstantDFM™ on your next project!

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Rapid PCB Pricing & Ordering with InstantDFM™

Place your customized PCB board design order & get an instant quote with InstantDFM™. InstantDFM™ gives you the power to upload PCB design files, set preferences, and receive a customized quote in minutes! Click on each icon to see step-by-step screenshots.

Step 1

Upload your design files & complete our form to receive your InstantDFM™ report

Step 2

Examine your detailed DFM report & make final checks before you proceed to customization and quoting

Step 3

Further customize your design by making color choices, material selections, surface finishes, etc.

Step 4

Your custom quote will be generated & here you’ll have the opportunity to adjust your project specifications to see how it impacts price

Step 5

Once you’re happy with your project specifications and quote, you can then confirm & place your order. PCB fabrication can then begin

Quickly establish the exact cost of our PCB fabrication services & receive your bespoke quick-turn printed circuit board quote.

If you aren’t ready to use our InstantDFM™ tool, please email support@bacircuits.com and we’ll be glad to assist you in any way we can.